Our rates are very competitive.

For the most part, we bill our customers "by the job", not by the hour (Time & Materials) as so many others do. This ensures you that a fast, efficient job will be performed at a predetermined cost.

Think about this: What would you rather have, a plumber who charges "by the hour" or a "by the job plumber"? Have you ever had to discuss a bill with a plumber after the job and told them they were too slow?

Well, there are no slow "bill 'em by the hour" plumbers here at ABR. We know how long every job and or combination of jobs will take, and bill our customers accordingly. That way you don't have to ask for breakdowns of the job all the time and second guess whether there was a slow plumber. And, because we charge by the job and not by the hour, its in our interest to do the work as quickly as possible, therefore ensuring lower labor costs to you in the long run.

Remember - when a plumber is allowed to bill by the hour, he'll never lose and you may never win. When you use APR Plumbing - you win!

So, if you're planning a job, or just want an idea on how much it would cost, call us. We always offer Free Estimates - so you know what the cost is before we start.


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