ABR Plumbing has restored gas to thousands of buildings and apartments throughout Manhattan. Our gas specialists have over a hundred years experience in gas shut-downs and have perfected a system to restore service as soon as possible in any scenario.



1. The most important thing to remember when you have a gas leak is to get the gas turned off as quickly as possible. First, you must call your utility company immediately. When a report is received by Con Edison, they will come as soon as possible and shut the gas off.

2. Try to ventilate the area in which you smell gas by opening a window, etc.

3. Once Con Edison turns off the gas, they will want all gas piping to be turned off and tested prior to restoration of service.

4. CALL APR PLUMBING. We'll arrive quickly, assess the system, and go over a plan of attack. This involves disconnecting the piping throughout the system and capping and pressure testing of all lines turned off.

5. Once the repairs have been made, either one of two things will happen:

  • If no pipe is replaced and we can make the system pass the pressure test we will call Con Edison and have them come back and turn the gas on.

  • If piping is replaced, we usually have to file the work with the City of New York Building Department, obtain a permit to work, and upon completion, arrange and conduct an inspection with the New York Plumbing Inspector. Once inspected and approved, we call Con Edison and they will turn the gas on.



One of the more recent gas shut-downs we responded to was at a 512 apartment building on the West Side of Manhattan that had been shut down as a result of a fire. We responded at Midnight on Christmas Eve, isolated the 4" gas line feeding the apartments upstairs that had leaks, and restored gas to the boiler on the spot to give the residents heat and hot water.

We returned for the next ten days straight including New Years Day, with 12 men doing double shifts in order to gain access to each and every one of the 512 apartments. We tested every inch of piping in the entire building, made all the necessary repairs of leaking lines, and restored gas on the 10th day!

We've heard of other plumbers who took months to restore gas to one apartment!

And, by the way, service to our other customers was not affected in the least!

So, if a gas leak occurs, the only plumbing contractor you need to know is ABP Plumbing. One call to 212.989.5900 is all it takes to prove it!

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